Employer – How we work with you

Partnership working is the key to success. We have built up good relationships with our employers. This enables us to work with you to understand how your company operates, and what works well for you.

If a training structure is already in place in your company, we can work with you to integrate what you have developed into an accredited training programme in line with national frameworks.

Needs analysis

We will work closely with you to help us understand your training needs and the nature of your business, allowing us to identify and discuss training that is appropriate and valuable.

Guidance for funding

We will inform and guide you of funding opportunities to benefit you.

Programme introduction

Learners are provided with information advice and guidance to ensure they have chosen the correct programme. We have the skills and resources to support learners with additional learning and social needs ensuring equal access to our programmes.

Where does training take place ?

We discuss with you the most suitable place for training.

  • Work-based training is proven to be an ideal option for many learners and employers. They can indeed learn without disrupting the work of the company. This is also a good opportunity for our peripatetic assessors to have a concrete view of the learner’s work and general environment. The learner can directly apply the new teachings to their day-to-day tasks and note his/her improvements.
  • Local and Regional training suites: we periodically run training sessions in various venues. Please contact us if you would like to know the time, da